Wife, Mom, House…Oh My! (Aka…Danielle)

Wedding Day Photography...professionals always make you look better.

Wedding Day Photography…professionals always make you look better.

In October 2013, I became a new wife, a new mom to a teenage boy and a short seven months later a brand new home owner. I am and was at the time a self-employed home based business owner. Other than running a business, I had never had any of the other roles. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed by all of the above.

What I did have was lots and lots of experts and those with experience around me, a lot of prior personal planning time (i.e. theories and ideas), great organization skills (ok…a little on the obsessive compulsive side but I promise you will benefits from my obsession) and I came armed with my take no prisoner DIY (otherwise called Do Insane Yourself) background and attitude. My blog is my experiences – past, present and future – wearing all these different hats. It may be rough along the way but I promise it will be informative, sometimes a little nutty, but hopefully fun (especially with my DIY whoops!)

I hope you enjoy the ride in this adventure with me…traveling is always more fun with company.

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