3 thoughts on “Ants…Can I Just Say YUCK!

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m going through a similar problem right now. I got store-bought baits and set them in the likely areas where they were going and coming from, and I’ve been scouring my carpet and spraying every ant I find until it’s dead (been using the dish soap + water concoction which works okay for killing individual ants on contact).

    Today pest control finally came out and sprayed, but nobody was home when they did it, so I have no idea WHAT they did. And I still came home to ants all over my carpet. But I don’t see any ants near the baits or near the window where they were originally coming in. So… I don’t know if this means it’s working and the ones left are just stragglers, or what. I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

    Has your ant problem subsided now?

    • Hi Kelley,

      I will be doing an update soon…ants part 2… But the answers is yes and no. Where i live they will be an on-going battle but I am armed with better knowledge than before.

      Stragglers are easier to spot because they are more random, even if all over your carpet. A colony as we explained to me is a higher concentration of ants in one place…like my photo of them around the bait. They aren’t easy to get rid of but it is about staying on top of them. Let me know how your ant battle goes.

      • Oh my gosh, after some battles, and some helpful pest control / maintenance people, they seem to be mostly gone. Hopefully that trend continues. And I hope that your battles lessen, too! God, I hate bugs in the house!!

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